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Wednesday November 22, 2017
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Michael Reddy, Ph.D, CPC

I am currently a healer, author, and trainer of other alternative healers. I help people replace chronic emotional or physical suffering with renewed health, strength, and passion for life. The method that has emerged in my work since the late 80's integrates Family Constellations with Coaching Skills, Energy Psychology, and Shamanism.

I call the many powerful synergies among these tools, which I both use and teach to others, "Family Energetics." Trauma, either inherited from ancestors or personally experienced, is at the root of most chronic suffering. Unlike mainstream medicine, which too often hacks at the leaves, Family Energetics transforms the roots.

Academics, Technology, and Shamanism

My long and rich professional life began doing medical and cognitive science research at the University of Chicago and Columbia University. Although I was very successful in academics, I was not happy there, and later moved into business systems analysis and technology management. These became my "day jobs." I wrote extensively for technical, trade, and popular publications—and eventually became a Chief Technical Officer.

But, having grown up oldest son of an alcoholic war veteran, with significant wellness issues of my own--I also undertook seven years training in shamanic healing techniques from indigenous and mixed blood elders. Teaching these ways and healing others became many years my "night job."

Later I became a certified professional coach, and learned to facilitate Family Constellations. Constellation work, I know, saved my life when carrying unknowingly my Dad's WWII trauma was becoming too much for me. Read about this in the prologue to my book HEALTH, HAPPINESS, AND FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS.

Founding Reddyworks

Although my technical work in business gave me a deep appreciation for healthy and dysfunctional systems in both humans and machines, by 2006 my heart was no longer in it. I went full time into building my own healing, teaching, and writing practice. Sensing that Constellations and Energy Psychology were natural partners, I've since been trained also in these tools.

In addition to publishing both popular and professional articles, I've presented and taught regularly at US and Canadian Constellation Conferences, along with those of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. Another recent book is THE FAMILY CONSTELLATION PRACTICE BUILDER—which probably should have been called the "Alternative Healer's" Practice Builder.

I work with clients and groups, offer online video trainings, and continue to read, learn, heal myself, grow my skill base.  In private life, I am a passionate sailor, woodworker, and singer/songwriter, living in a log home just west of Philadelphia

For more details, see my Career and Publications page.


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What People Say

“Your Family Constellation coaching opened me up in a way I could not have imagined. I recommend what you offer to those looking to make positive changes in their life—especially when they find that something is inexplicably holding them back.   —Barry Epstein, Washington, DC  (More Testimonials)