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Wednesday November 22, 2017
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Michael as a Healer/Coach/Counselor

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Michael as an Author 



Michael as a Teacher & Trainer

"With the home altar that I have just done and the second one that I have started, the financial cloud changes. I have done much work around money over the years, but wish to say to you that your home altar process is just so effective. Thank you!"

--Linda H


Michael, you are simply a brilliant teacher! You make so much sense.... you even make sense out of seemingly incommensurable elements, weaving them together so brilliantly, inspired it seems by a gift of seeing the wholistic picture of the universe and life within it!

You are extraordinary in your ability to pull metaphors, analogies or examples out of the hat of your diversified experience and knowledge, that are so pertinent, and give rise to such colour and depth of understanding within me that I shake my head in amazement and smile at the same time with that wonderful feeling of joy from really getting something.

--Isy Gabriel


"I had a head full of questions about how to run a Constellation via Skype; I was unable to come up with a vision of how I'd roll this work out using current technology. Michael brought crystal clear answers to my questions, and so much more. I finish this class with a great understanding of using Skype, the phone and the Coaching Spaces app with my practice. (And I'm fully ready to roll that out as a service.) But I also gained so much from learning Michael's perspective on facilitating, trauma, genograms, and so much more. The class is a treasure trove."

--Denise Guerringue
Shamanic Practitioner, Family and Systemic Constellations Facilitator


The Family Constellation Core Concepts teleclass was a fantastic learning experience. Michael has quite methodically put together a very easy-to-understand class that covers all of the concepts behind family constellation work so that participants can build a true knowledge and deeper understanding of ancestral and family system dynamics that play out in everyday life. You can apply the concepts to begin working with your own family system - or with others. It is fun and not to be missed!

--Nancy G., North Carolina

Michael is one of my all-time favorite teachers -- his distinctive gift is synthesizing complex theories and concepts into practical applications almost anyone can find useful!

--Kathryn Montgomery


"I had a chance to take the Home Altar Constellations class and it was amazing. It opened my perceptions of how constellations unfold. If you are a tiny bit curious sign up!"

--Meta Lackland, Constellation Facilitator, Oakland


"It has been a wonderfully thoughtful journey which has helped me to understand in a more cohesive manner. Thank you for all the time, effort and love you obviously put into it" 

--Beth Levine


While I am grateful for learning from several amazing constellation trainers, I felt that some of the core fundamentals were missing from the purely experiential approach.   So again, thank you for providing this kind of conceptual framework in such a user friendly way.  I love that you are involved in Shamanism and have taken that beautiful work into family constellations.

--Lorena Colarusso, Psychotherapist, Stoney Creek, Ontario


"Wanted to compliment you on the fantastic job you did presenting such complex material in such a concise and lucid manner." 

--Cathy Jo Hendricks


"Michael you are brilliant! Thanks for the diagrams... Rock on!" 

--Cathy Lipsky RN, ANP, Hartsdale, NY


 "Michael provides new insights and ways of working with Family Constellations I haven't seen before. His gift lies in taking a subject that is rather mysterious and filled with jargon and explaining it in simple, everyday language"

--Larry Kessler


I just want to say that I think your altar constellations are absolutely brilliant - on many levels.  Congratulations on that particular creative and clearly very powerful contribution to the world of Constellations and at large. Really beautiful.

--Alison Mezey
Constellation Arts



Michael as a Healer/Coach/Counselor

 I worked with Michael Reddy over a 6-month period, tackling both ancestral patterns, as well as bringing together personality parts that had split due to early trauma. My desired outcome in working with him was to move forward with my life purpose, with the support of my lineage, and with my separate personality parts acting as one.

Michael was incredibly kind and caring to work with, as well as intuitive, and I felt very safe doing such deep work with him. I had already done a lot of personal work before working with Michael, but his passion and depth of experience in releasing trauma was unparalleled for me. As well as his depth of experience, Michael holds many tools in his healing toolbox which he uses and blends together fluidly, achieving miraculous results.



As a self-proclaimed person with trust issues, I was pleasantly relieved with Michael's method. He has a gentle yet, very honest manner of listening & responding. Obviously, he's had extensive life experiences that made it very easy to be completely open with him, with no concerns of being judged. Over the decades, I've tried various methods of "therapy", the time I've spent interacting with Michael, I felt understood, & highly attentive to his suggested methods (rare for me). I highly recommend Michael's educated & intuitive method.

--Linda Schaffer


"Thank you for your innovative work, for my session with you and for all that I have learned.  You truly are an enlightened leader and teacher!" 

--Lorena Colarusso


Chronic Disease Relieved

The constellation work that I did with you was the most profound work I have ever done concerning a situation surrounding my family. I have spent years and much money in various kinds of treatments and therapy for endometriosis and cysts in my abdomen. Constellation work did what all those long years of therapy and medical treatment didn’t. I can now look upon my family and situation in a compassionate and objective manner, and am no longer troubled by either feelings of rejection or the abdominal problems. Thank you, Michael.

—K.T. Toronto, Ontario

Healed Loyalties and Shifted Perspective

I have done a ton of personal growth work over the last 20 years. But none of it seemed to prepare me adequately for my experience of a dark night of the soul during 2009! Thank spirit you introduced me to family constellation work in September.

Your knowledge, patience, insight, and compassion guided me in healing the loyalties I had been holding on to towards my ancestors around scarcity and abandonment. You exercised superb coaching skills during my individual and group family constellation sessions. The followup telephone coaching sessions you did with me proved to be one of the most important hours of my week.

Michael, your ability to shift my perspective to gratitude, compassion, and accountability for igniting my own change process was invaluable! I attribute my new positive perception largely to the exercises you suggested I carry out between sessions. You truly integrate both wisdom and experience into a coaching practice that produces results! Gratitude to you, Michael!

—Rusty Stewart, Ph.D.
Personal Growth Alternatives, Inc.


 Amazing Changes from Constellation Work

Let me make this simple and to the point.... before I met you and plunged whole-heartedly into "constellation" work, I had been struggling with several issues in my life. For many years I had tried many different approaches to healing these issues and yet, they were still present, maybe not as devastating or even daily in my life anymore, but still present. Triggered reactions from something said or done by loved ones, friends, and co-workers would bring forth an emotional reaction within myself.

I had tried so many times to heal these issues and yet still here they were. Until I found you! Insecurities, Childhood trauma's, Dysfunctional Relationships and even Digestive Issues I had struggled with for years.....GONE. Another side effect from this work was a deeper sense of calm and peace within myself and much more clarity in multiple areas of my life. I would recommend constellation work to anyone, in fact I brought my mother to one of your workshops. What else can I say? Thank you for facilitating such great work!

—Amy Klaus, Rejuvenation Therapies


Depression and Lethargy Resolved

For the first time in years I have managed to not just survive winter, but to take true joy in it. I have not felt this way since I was a child. Working with Michael has a life changing experience, and there is no one better to be your guide.

Michael and I met when he joined a class I was taking. While working with him during the class, I discovered a man of integrity, intelligence, and true caring. This was also my first exposure to Family Constellations. At the time he was working on his book--Health, Happiness and Family Constellations: How Hidden Loyalties Shape Lives and he was happy to share the concepts with our classmates. Listening to him speak about Family Constellations was like a ray of light illuminating a dark room.

At the time, I would become depressed and lethargic or energized and driven by turns. The change would take place gradually over months so most of my family assumed it was Seasonal Affective Disorder. After listening to Michael speak about his work I began to notice another pattern emerging because the depression didn't limit itself entirely to winter. Invariably, the times I felt low corresponded with some past family trauma. It suddenly felt as if Family Constellations might be the answer to questions I didn't realize I was asking.

 After working with Michael, I came to understand that I had loyalty issues connected to my father and his family's past. I was holding their pain, recognizing it and attempting to mitigate it by taking on part of its burden. Once again, it's only now, for the first time in years I have managed to not just survive winter, but to take true joy in it. The idea that we can be suffering from unresolved trauma experienced by our ancestors is life changing—and Michael is both empathic and highly skilled at working with it.

--Julie Nieznay, PA


Profound New Insight

"Thanks to Michael Reddy for the Family Constellation reading today. I had profound new insight into my family dynamic, what works for me and what doesn't. I highly recommend this very powerful, personal, and spiritual gift to the Self."

--Donna Cusano, PA


Wonderful Changes in Health, Relationship, and Career

It's now been a year and a half since I started coaching and constellation work with you, Michael.  Your counseling has given me the tools and the confidence to transform my life considerably in a short period of time.  A couple of one on one constellations, several workshops, and weekly sessions with you in between have helped me create the following remarkable changes. 

Various health issues--all related to chronic abdominal pain and problems with eating either normal food or the restrictive diets doctors put me on--have all but disappeared.  Since these had gone on for nearly a decade with no remedy, this still surprises me even now.  Then, I finally got the clarity and courage to make a much needed relationship change.  Seeing and really feeling how what was not working in the relationship related to my birth family and it's history was a big part of this. In a way, it's like my stomach was expressing all this unhappiness and need to change.

I have transitioned from being unemployed with no clear direction for a fulfilling future career to realizing my potential and passion for a new calling.  I graduated from Massage Therapy School and I am now happily employed.  I am passionate about the new career that I have begun as a massage therapist. All three of these issues were interwoven and were major contributions to my feelings of dissatisfaction, and lack of passion and direction in my life.  When you say you work to create WholeFamily and WholeSelf--you really mean it!

--Sandy Arditi, PA


Doctor Gains from WholeSelf, WholeFamily Healing

Working with you helped me to become aware of a missing piece of the puzzle to my next level of "wholeness" in a specific area related to family dynamics.  I have been on quest for peace and wholeness for almost as long as I've been on the planet.  My journey has lead to an educational background that includes general medical training along with a specialty in eye surgery, neuroscience, including cognitive psychology and a smorgasbord of "self-help" teachings. 

I've come to realize that the journey to wholeness is best when approached in an integrated fashion.  When your deep respect for the "left-brain and the right-brain," "logic and intuition," the literal and metaphor, the physical/science and the spiritual/energy were applied, Michael--my healing was accelerated and sustainable. 

Your processes are just this — a wealth of wisdom that allowed aspects of my mind, body and spirit to come to the surface in a conscious way to be healed and integrated as a whole, healthy unit.  Your work clearly helps people to get "unstuck" and you do it with compassion and utmost dedication. I highly recommend you! 

--Valencia Ray, M.D.


One on One Sessions

Working with you has uncovered elements and events within my life and the life of my family that I never even knew existed. Uncovering these events or blind spots and their effects in my life and the life of my family through constellation work has been awe-inspiring to me.  Your understanding, professionalism, experience, caring, gentleness and openness supported me in giving myself permission to visit the unknown, its meaning, and the effects it has on my life and the life of those around me.

Through this work, I have been able to restore a more “normal” role as a daughter to my parents, rather than a parent to my parents. I have been able to unload many burdens that did not belong to me and, in addition, my parents were able to do the same.

As a result of this work, my parents also became more responsible for their lives and were able to begin addressing issues and challenges that had been left untouched for over 20 years. This work works and I cannot think of a better person to deliver this work than you.

—Ronit Hakimi, CPC ELI-MP

 Improved Relationships to Living Family Members

My main spiritual practices can be boiled down to the pursuit of “being in the present moment.  Family Constellation work has become an important adjunct to these practices, revealing hidden family loyalties which were so innate to my psyche as to be invisible, but having large and deleterious effects on major life events and decisions. Constellations, along with your coaching, brought to light and shifted key underlying familial patterns, freeing a larger part of what I can only consider my soul. A much greater part of “me” is able to really be in the present moment instead of acting out unaccepted life events of my ancestors.

Although I did not expect it as an outcome of my constellation work with you, there have also been positive shifts in relationships with living loved ones, for which I am very grateful. Your style during constellations is to very clearly hold a safe and sacred space for all of the participants—including the ancestors. When appropriate, you seem to know just when to nudge the situation in the most helpful way to restore the flow of love and life in the family soul. Perhaps just as importantly, you have the ability to sense when it is time to let things rest.

—Linda Lyng
Author, Yoga Teacher

 Life-Altering Decisions Made

Michael Reddy provided me with the coaching I needed to make life-altering decisions. Any client who signs on with him is sure to receive top-quality coaching for positive change that lasts.

—Phyllis Stone
Former Global Brand Leader, Merck & Co.

 No Longer Inexplicably Held Back

Your Family Constellation coaching opened me up in a way I could not have imagined. I recommend what you offer to those looking to make positive changes in their life—especially when they find that something is inexplicably holding them back.

—Barry Epstein, CPC
Washington, DC

 Reconnected to Ancestors in Love

Your family constellation workshops and coaching were a profound process. They helped show me the interconnectedness we all have. I came bound to my family of origin through dysfunction and left connected to my ancestors through love and understanding. You are a really clear facilitator, coming from the heart, which helped me go safely into the depths of what I came for.

—Lynn Miller
Expressive Arts Therapist

 Confidence Restored for Better Relationships

For two years I have been working to establish a new educational program. Success in this project requires me to engage with others in ways that were previously far outside my comfort zone. Michael offered two mechanisms for moving forward: family constellations and personal coaching. I was impressed with Michael’s intelligence and diverse background, so I decided to give them both a try. Each has provided me with important tools that have allowed me to make dramatic shifts in how I view myself and the world around me. I feel significantly more confident in my ability to be conscious of the dynamics in my personal and professional relationships, and at the same time I find myself knowing more when to trust my intuitions. I recommend Michael to anyone who wishes to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the world.

—Richard Liston, PhD
Sphere College Project


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Michael as a Practice Building Consultant


“It was wonderful to be part of Michael's first Practice Building group. He led us in a way that was kind and pleasant; his insights and expertise were inspiring and very helpful. We did a little constellation for me over the phone which led to a major shift in my attitude towards my practice. 

"I also realized how much we facilitators we can help each other.  It's great to receive insightful support from educated people in the same field. With much Gratitude!" 

--Carla van Walsum, Ph.D c
LSHC   Florida


"I liked ALL the topics and the material.  The mix of very practical information and the personal-growth insights was perfect for me.  This is not an easy balance to achieve, but your class succeeds very well."   

--Alison Mezay


"Thank you so much for the gifts of your time and expertise.  It has been a wonderful and insightful journey." 

--Suzanne Waligore


"It was a blessing for me to be connected every week with others who shared the same passion, mission, and challenges--all of us trying to step into offering Constellation Work in our various communities. 

I also want to acknowledge your honesty in responding to others with your own opinions and insights when they were different from what someone was expressing.  You are an excellent and skilled moderator.  I appreciate the way you held the space."

--Karina Milgram
Bel Harbor, FL



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Michael as an Author


"Given my years of work with experts in psychology, personal growth, and healing--I highly recommend Michael's book and his online programs." 

--Janet Goldstein, Editor, Agent, Author


"I really recommend you get to know Michael Reddy and the incredible work he's doing to help shift and dissolve those hidden relationships that may be holding you back. Michael is one of those brilliant synthesizers you don't meet everyday."

--Elizabeth Marshall
Bestselling Co-Author of THE CONTRARIAN EFFECT


"Family Constellations are among the most powerful tools I've come across in 25 years of helping people change.  Until HEALTH, HAPPINESS, & FAMILY CONSTELATIONS, there hasn't been a book I felt comfortable recommending to those wanting a down to earth & easy to implement understanding of it.  Michael has writting it--the book I've been hoping for."

Founder, Success for Spiritual Entrepreneurs


Michael Reddy weaves the perfect blend of theory and practice in his new book as he explains the basics of this fascinating healing modality.  His personal experiences bring the book to life.  I am a newcomer to this approach and I now feel I have a good working knowledge to guide my clients as I refer them to practitioners for work to accompany what I do.

Advanced Reiki, Myofascial, & Craniosacral Therapist



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What People Say

“Your Family Constellation coaching opened me up in a way I could not have imagined. I recommend what you offer to those looking to make positive changes in their life—especially when they find that something is inexplicably holding them back.   —Barry Epstein, Washington, DC  (More Testimonials)