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Wednesday November 22, 2017
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Selfless Self Promotion

Selfless Self Promotion...

            Is there such a thing? Can YOU do it?

"A world in crisis needs you to put yourself
         & what you are passionate about
              in front of people"

--Michael Reddy

With storms, climate change, runaway financial inequality, and gridlock and corruption rampant in government--our planet (and civilization) is actually in some trouble. And GUESS WHAT....

Passionate HeartIt can only get better if all of us reach into our hearts and put out the unique things we think, feel, and are passionate about. I know many of you are passionate about helping folks with Family Constellations and Energy Psychology.

As Michael Port says, plenty of people out there need what you do, and it's your simple duty to put yourself in front of them in the spirit of love and compassion.

Focus on that process and the results come from Spirit.  Well, how do you best do that?

Don't Sell Yourself, Just Look for a Fit

Though I go deeply into the spiritual side, let's start with those crucial conversations.  Those are the ones where you either engage a potential client or fail to.

Everybody in this off kilter world is trying to brand and sell their stuff to this person.  What makes you come off any different?  

hands interlockedThe reality is there are some very simple ways to do this, which work best for empathic, caring people like yourself. 

To begin with, don't sell, but look rather for a good fit.

Simply feel people out to see if what you are is what will help.

This levels the playing field. Because you are evaluating them just as they are evaluating you. It disarms the natural defenses people have when someone is trying to "sell them" on something.

You're on their side as well as yours. :-)

But When Do I Tell Them About my Stuff?

You don't. Not right away, anyway. The rule here is simple: ASK, LISTEN, LEARN FIRST. People will remember you as interesting if you show genuine interest in them.

As an empathic person, you can do this quite easily. Paul Zelizer calls it "leading with yourLucy Listens empathy."

Of course, as people warm up telling you about themselves, you do direct your questions in certain ways.

You start looking for tie-ins and turn-offs that relate to "your stuff."

For Family Constellations, in my book and video training, I teach 6 different subjects to "scout" as you ask friendly questions. Most of them are exactly the same for Energy Psychology.  Here are those 6 important areas you want to know someone's attitude towards.

The Six Areas Important to Scout

  • How intellectually interested (or not) is she or he about how your tools might work, as opposed to just caring about the benefits?

  • How open is the person in talking about personal suffering?

  • What kinds of problems does the person want help solving?

  • What sort of experiences of therapy or group work have there been?

  • How easy is it for the person to accept that hidden loyalties to the birth family's past shape her or his life?

  • Is she or he already into psychic phenomena, or else somewhat skeptical?

I expand each one of these in detail, with sample ways of phrasing your questions in both the book and the video trainingThe Practice Builder video training starts Jan 17th.

Usually, it's not that you need to know about all of these things in each conversation.  Just getting a sense of two or three of them is often enough.  The kinds of answers you get tell you which aspects of Family Constellations, or your other modalities to put forward first.  That's a lot better than flying blind.

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