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Monday August 21, 2017
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Constellations and the Evolution of Worldviews--Part 3 From Clockwork to Network

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Path to the Present

Two issues ago, this three-part article began by describing five effects observed regularly in constellations (See Figure One). From the perspective of mainstream Western scientific materialism, these remain "impossible." This creates difficulties for us. At the same time, increasingly many empirical studies suggest potential explanations for these effects. But if so, why are these not more widely known? And why are scientists among those most likely to scoff?


Figure One—Observed Constellation Effects

Part One (Reddy, 2011) looked at the intellectual, social, and institutional impact of large scientific paradigms on what is regarded as truth. Progress in knowledge is not smooth, as these rise and fall in something like revolutions. It also chronicled the fall of an organically interconnected, post Renaissance perspective, as this was supplanted by a mechanistic, mathematical, reductionist framework. Paramount in this upheaval were the achievements of Descartes, Newton, and Darwin.

Part Two (Reddy, 2012) saw the Newtonian and Cartesian aspects of scientific materialism begin to crumble. Most importantly, what post-Newtonian quantum physics must postulate to understand its own success is the same thing we need to begin explaining constellation effects. A non-local (unaffected by space), a-temporal (unaffected by time) network that somehow connects everything with everything else, and quite possibly records its history—more or less has to exist.

But when we turned to the question of how representatives in workshops access this Non-Local Network, the specter of "psychic phenomena" came to the fore. Despite the fact that more and more painstaking research establishes the reality of these—they are excluded obsessively. Part Two suggested that this closed-minded response may be connected to historical trauma, arising from the witch-hunts, and that constellation work could be of value in re-aligning what is essentially a systemic loyalty.

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