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Thursday August 17, 2017
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FamEner Videos and Homework


Videos, Suggested Activities, & Study Questions

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00 FamEner Free Trial

01 FamEner The Ancestral Family Soul

02 FamEner Anatomy of a Constellation

03 FamEner Ancestral Loyalties & Their Sources

04 FamEner Home Altar Constellations

05 FamEner Exploring Family Constellations & Trauma

06 FamEner Intro to Constellation Demo

07 FamEner Two Kinds of Trauma

08 FamEner Energy Psychology & Family Constellations

09 FamEner The Vicious Circle of Trauma




Class 1 Visuals                 Activities After Class 1

Class 2 Visuals                  Activities After Class 2

Class 3 Visuals                  Activities After Class 3

Class 4 Visuals                      Activities After Class 4

Class 5 Visuals                      Activities After Class 5

Class 6 Visuals                      Activities After Class 6

Class 7 Visuals                 Activities After Class 7

Class 8 Visuals                      Activities After Class 8

Class 9 Visuals                  Activities After Class 9


Certificate of Completion

You must attend 7 of the 9 class sessions, do the readings, and complete the study questions for all 9 sessions (sending them to Sandy) to obtain this.  What we need here is reasonable verification that you have dug into the material and are gaining an understanding of it. This is a substantial course that is gaining wide respect, so this certificate means something. 

If you are one of those people who cannot make most or any of the classes, but still want a certificate of completion, please contact me about some other way to verify that you have listened to all the classes and done the work.  I'm open to arrangements.

FamEner certificate 2016 sample

13.5 hours of CE's are available for health and counseling professionals in various areas.  The cost is $50 and this is a separate fee than the fee for the class.

Click HERE  for specifics of CE credits for this course.

Click HERE to pay CE fee.



Visuals and Activities for Class One

Visuals Needed for Class One


These images will be shown during presentation but are here for anyone who is connecting to class in voice-only mode.  Or if you want to keep copies of these for your own files apart from the video.

(Click on the first image to download a PDF with all 4 images)






Activities After Class One

As You Start the Training

There are FOUR different "levels" at which people participate in this training.

  1. You have a lot going on, so you just want to collect the information so that you can dive into it more deeply at a later date

  2. You want to keep up with the classes as much as possible, but you're not up for study questions, etc

  3. You want to receive our certificate and will be turning in the study questions and attending 7 out of 9 classes.

  4. You turn in the study questions for our certificate and you also want to register for CEs.

The training is designed to support any of these levels.  The study questions are optional for Level 1 and Level 2, but are a requirement for Level 3 in order to receive our certificate.   If you are level 4 and you want 13.5 hrs CE credit, you should turn in the study questions, because they prepare you for the online test (true/false, multiple choice) you take to get the hours..  The suggested activities are recommended for Levels 2, 3, and 4.

Things To Do

Watch this 14min Video
(Even if you don't do any reading.  I may or may not show the video again at the start of Class Two.)

Training Readings--Prologue and Chapter One of HHFC (Health, Happiness, & Family Constellations)--sent to you in PDF form.  Order the paperback here if you like. 

Study Questions

(If you want our certificate of completion, answer the questions and send this to sandy@reddyworks.com.  She will respond with correct answers only if you get any of them wrong.  If your work is acceptable, you'll just get a notice that they were received.  Another way to get help is post on the Facebook page.)

  1. The family soul values inclusion above all else.  Agree or disagree and explain why.

  2. Conscious sacrifices made by birth family members for the well-being of the whole group cause the most trouble for individuals after they have grown up and moved on in life.  Agree or disagree and explain why.

  3. When an unaccepted, unprocessed trauma within the family soul surfaces again in descendants--it's usually a literal occurrence of the same events. Agree or disagree and explain why.

  4. List four characteristics of the family soul that are explainable in terms of conventional understandings of human and animal behavior and one which is not.

  5. As a parent, you need to understand that any significant trauma that affects your family will be held in the family soul and cause trouble for your children or grandchildren.Agree or disagree and explain why.

 Relevant Reading/Viewing Materials

Nova Documentary, THE GHOST IN YOUR GENES, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4ZqzdrLruk


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Visuals and Activities for Class Two

Visuals Needed for Class Two

No images will be shared onscreen for Class Two.  Class two begins with the 14 minute video of a constellation modelled in coachingspaces.com


Activities After Class Two

Things To Do

Training Readings-- Chapter Two of HHFC (Health, Happiness, & Family Constellations).  Order the paperback here if you like. 

Watch this Short Video

Does our Perceptual System Allow us to See Things Absolutely "As They Are"?  Some constellation facilitators talk about the "phenomenological point of view," via which they "only see what really is."  Psychology and cognitive science have made it clear that, while it is possible to stay much more open and maintain a wide, "soft focus" (by trying to look at the whole system with as few preconceptions as possible)--in the absolute sense, no one sees "things as they really are." 

Too many pre-conscious perceptual choices are made involving selective attention.  A 20 year old male walks down the street, and sees 3 gorgeous women in 6 blocks.  A 40 year old mother actually a couple steps away from him the whole six blocks sees two sets of young children with a parent.  If you asked the man if he saw the children, he may well say there were no children passing by.  The 49 year old mom saw no gorgeous women.

In my opinion, using my own language, what we want to do in facilitating is avoid "premature closure."  Stay open, widely focused (via the butterfly method), and keep track of the likely possible dynamics unfolding without fixating on one of them too early.  From a shamanic point of view, it helps to think of the arrangement of representatives as a living entity trying to talk to you.  Yes, at some point, you need to choose one or two and THEN focus more on seeing if they can shift, but not right away.

Here's the famous video that illustrates in the extreme this issue of the inevitable subjectivity and selectivity in human perception.  It is a test of your attention.  While you watch, you must keep a silent count of the number of passes made by the people in white shirts.  How good are you at paying close attention and getting the correct count?  Watch the video and do the best you can at counting the passes made by the people in the white shirts. How many times does the white shirted team pass the ball? Then hit the link below the video to find out how well you did.


Click below to find out how well you did.  There are several similar videos on this page.  Feel free to look at a couple of them.  They are very short.


Study Questions

  1. The Intake and Setup phases of a classic family constellation always happen in sequence and are completely distinct from one another.  Agree or disagree, and explain why.

  2. Getting the right information from the client (so that you know by the end of the intake interview what you are going to do to re-align the client's family system) is the most important aspect of all group constellation intake interviews.  Agree or disagree and explain why.

  3. Broadly focused client intentions (what the client wants to change) work very well in group family constellations.  Agree or disagree and explain why.

  4. What is "the butterfly method"?  Why can it be useful in facilitating constellations?

  5. Explain what a "nudge" is as opposed to a "fudge."  Describe the possible or even likely effects on representatives of each one of these techniques.

Relevant Reading/Viewing Materials

Emotional and Psychic Hygiene for Family Constellations—A Shamanic Perspective, The Knowing Field, January 2011.  Reprinted in the Commemorative Issue distributed at the US Systemic Constellations Conference, October 2011.  (Taking care of both facilitator and participants in family constellation workshops.)  DOWNLOAD THIS ARTICLE HERE.   If you are facilitating constellations regularly, you should read this article.

Burkman, O.  "Why everything you've been told about evolution is wrong."  THE GUARDIAN, 3/18/2010.  https://www.theguardian.com/science/2010/mar/19/evolution-darwin-natural-selection-genes-wrong

Jablonka, Lamb, and Zeligowski.  Evolution in Four Dimensions.   https://www.amazon.com/Evolution-Four-Dimensions-Epigenetic-Philosophical/dp/0262525844/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1466697070&sr=1-1&keywords=evolution+in+four+dimensions



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Visuals and Activities for Class Three

Visuals Needed for Class Three

If you are in the live class on voice only, have these diagrams to look at during class 3.  Click on the 1st image to download both.

Figure 6 Harmonious Inclusion

 Another way of thinking about the "Seven Sources of Ancestral Trauma"--from Mark Wolynn's book, It Didn't Start with You

 Family History Questions


Activities After Class Three

Things To Do

Training Readings-- Chapter Three of HHFC (Health, Happiness, & Family Constellations).  Order the paperback here if you like. 


Study Questions

These are very important questions.  Understanding the answers allows you to use the practical techniques in an open, exploratory, and healing manner.

  1. Name and explain briefly 3 out of the 7 sources of hidden loyalties.

  2. What is meant by the phrase "loadsharing in the name of love" as it applies to the generational family soul?

  3. Why is it potentially problematic when "die ordnung der liebe" is translated into English as "the orders of love"?  What is different when we translate it as "the tactics of love"?

  4. What is your understanding of "optimizing the degrees of harmony and inclusion" in the family soul?  What does this mean?

  5. What other optimization contributes to or detracts from the optimization of harmony and inclusion?

  6. What kinds of people, events, or feelings come to belong to a particular family soul?  What can we say in general about those which do come to belong? 


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Visuals and Activities for Class Four

Visuals Needed for Class Four

If you are in the live class on voice only, have these diagrams to look at during class 3.  Click on the 1st image to download all 5.

Childhood Abuse Figurines Only Titles


Altar Childhood Abuse Tweaked


Activities After Class Four

Things To Do

Training Readings-- Chapter Four of HHFC (Health, Happiness, & Family Constellations).  Order the paperback here if you like. 


Study Questions

Once again, these are central questions.  Understanding the answers allows you to use the practical techniques in an open, exploratory, and healing manner.

  1. Name and explain three advantages of the home altar constellation form

  2. Why does Michael feel that getting well-focused Desired Positive Change is important.  What does he suggest doing to get one?

  3. In "unpacking" symbolism in natural or man made object-persons, you use intuitive hits and/or simply ask and answer a series of questions.  What are those questions?

  4. What is the general guideline for determining how often you should visit your home altar?

  5. In setting up a home altar constellation, you take the desired positive change and then ask questions about two different areas.  What are those areas?  What are you looking for as you delve into those two areas?



Visuals and Activities for Class Five

Visuals Needed for Class Five

If you are in the live class on voice only, have these diagrams to look at during class 5. Click on the first image to download all 4.


Social Geometry


Altar Stolen Inheritance


Figure 8 Initial vs Ideal

 Figure 9 First  Second Movements


Activities After Class Five

Things To Do

Training Readings-- Start reading Chapter Five of HHFC (Health, Happiness, & Family Constellations).  Order the paperback here if you like. Since Class Six is a constellation demo, we won't talk much about the material until Class Seven.

Study Questions

  1. The "stolen inheritance" sample home altar constellation, what is the initial "lead" or "hypothesis" that is set up on the altar?

  2. Unpack the symbolism of the "fish" in the center of the constellation, that is, what does it suggest about the problem faced by Joan the client?

  3. Name and explain 3 of the 9 techniques in the chapter for working with home altar constellations

  4. After you have a dynamic, there are four steps you can take if you need to get ideas about how to proceed with the constellation.  What are these?

  5. What is a "null resolution," and why is it often nevertheless useful to the client?

 Videos for Class Six

Try to watch these short videos on resonance.  I'll just mention them before we start the demo constellation






Visuals and Activities for Class Six

Visuals Needed for Class Six

There are no static visuals needed for Class Six.  However, if you are on voice only in the class, you will not be able to follow the live imagery on Coaching Spaces as we do the constellation.  So try if possible to attend via computer.


Activities After Class Six

Things To Do

Training Readings-- Finish reading Chapter Five of HHFC (Health, Happiness, & Family Constellations).  Order the paperback here if you like. Since Class Six was a constellation demo, we will talk about Chapter Five in Class Seven.

Study Questions--out of respect for the client, there are no study questions for Class Six


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Visuals and Activities for Class Seven

Visuals Needed for Class Seven

There are no static visuals needed for Class Seven.


Activities After Class Seven

Things To Do

Training Readings--  Read the Epilogue to HHFC (Health, Happiness, & Family Constellations).  Order the paperback here if you like.  Read also the EFTFreeManual.  Click on the title in the last sentence to download it.  Please also read my 750 word blog "Health as a Sacred Fire" listed below in Relevant Reading Material


Study Questions

  1. What is threatening overwhelm to a person's nervous system called?  Why is that name ambiguous?  What are the two ways this can happen talked about in Chapter 5?

  2. Name and briefly describe the four forms of infant attachment talked about in Chapter 5.

  3. When an arousal of energy in one place causes similar energies to become active in another place that is called what?

  4. What is a "mirror neuron"?  What is its function in the hard-wired, human, social empathy system?

  5. List Michael's four guidelines for "healthy healing."

 Relevant Reading Material


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Visuals and Activities for Class Eight

Visuals Needed for Class Eight

If you are in the live class on voice only, have these diagrams to look at during class 8. Click on the image to download the 9 page PDF. I would suggest downloading it even if you are in the class via video because it is very good to use in explaining trauma to clients or general audiences.

Trauma Diagrams 1



Activities After Class Eight

Things To Do

Training Readings--  Read the the EFTFreeManual AGAIN, and learn the tapping points in order.  Reread the TWR sections (last three boxes) of the handout you just downloaded (or download it now HERE if you watched it on the video but did not download it), and learn the very simple sequence of steps in TWR.   

Slides shown in Class Eight are in Powerpoint.  See them again by reviewing the class video, or you can download and view them (if you have Powerpoint) HERE

Study Questions

  1. What part of the midbrain starts to shut down as stress or threatening overwhelm afflict a human nervous system?  What actions of the left brain don't take place when this shutdown occurs?

  2. What does Michael mean when he says that "trauma scales"?

  3. What is the difference between a flashback and blurbacks?  Which is more commonly encountered?

  4. What does Michael mean when he says that "trauma cascades"?  What are the four levels involved in this?

  5. Michael names 5 ways that our subconscious social empathy systems connect us to one another.  What are they?

Relevant Reading Material

Patterson & Grenny, Crucial Conversations--Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High

McGilchrist, Iain, The Master and His Emissary--The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World

Van der Kolk, Bessel, The Body Keeps the Score

Benor, Daniel J. Seven Minutes to Natural Pain Release

Craig, Gary. The EFT Manual.

Gallo, Fred P. Energy Tapping for Trauma

Levine, Peter A. In an Unspoken Voice

Ogden, Minton, and Pain. Trauma and the Body

Scaer, Robert. The Trauma Spectrum

Siegel, Daniel J. Mindsight


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 Visuals and Activities for Class Nine

Visuals Needed for Class Nine


If you are in the live class on voice only, have these diagrams to look at during class 9. Click on the image to download the entire PDF.



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Activities After Class Nine
Things To Do

  Study Questions

  1. What are some reasons to do a screening for inherited, ancestral trauma?

  2. Name at least 3 of the stages on the spectrum between slim and bulky constellations.

  3. List 4 of the 8 guidelines for Setting Up the parts of entangled wholes (inner or outer families).

  4. What is the rationale behind Michael's guideline "Personify Anything"?

  5. Why can we expect to find family-like structures in all kinds of human groups? 

Relevant Reading Material

Deborah Donndelinger, Family Energetics: A Revolutionary Approach To Heal the Past and Reshape Your Future

Thaddeus Golas, Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment

Insa Sparrer, Miracle, Solution and System


Many thanks to everyone for participating in the course! 


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--Linda H


"I had a chance to take this class and it was amazing. It opened my perceptions of how constellations unfold. If you are a tiny bit curious sign up!"
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While I am grateful for learning from several amazing constellation trainers, I felt that some of the core fundamentals were missing from the purely experiential approach.   So again, thank you for providing this kind of conceptual framework in such a user friendly way.  I love that you are involved in Shamanism and have taken that beautiful work into family constellations.
--Lorena Colarusso, Psychotherapist, Stoney Creek, Ontario


"Wanted to compliment you on the fantastic job you did presenting such complex material in such a concise and lucid manner." 
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"Michael you are brilliant! Thanks for the diagrams... Rock on!" 
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"I have spent years and much money in various kinds of treatments and therapy for a chronic disease in my abdomen. Constellation work did what all those long years of therapy and medical treatment didn't."
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"I came bound to my family of origin through dysfunction and left connected to my ancestors through love and understanding. Michael was a clear facilitator, coming from the heart."
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"Michael provides new insights and ways of working with Family Constellations I haven't seen before. His gift lies in taking a subject that is rather mysterious and filled with jargon and explaining it in simple, everyday language"

--Larry Kessler


About Home Altar Constellations

I just want to say that I think your altar constellations are absolutely brilliant - on many levels.   Congratulations on that particular creative and clearly very powerful contribution to the world of Constellations and at large. Really beautiful.
--Alison Mezey
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Michael Reddy weaves the perfect blend of theory and practice in his new book as he explains the basics of this fascinating healing modality.  His personal experiences bring the book to life.  I am a newcomer to this approach and I now feel I have a good working knowledge to guide my clients as I refer them to practitioners for work to accompany what I do.
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