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Wednesday November 22, 2017
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Healing, Coaching, Training, Supervision

How to Query or Engage
With me for Private Sessions


Training or Supervision

How to Reach Out to Me--I usually talk with you for 15 minutes or at no charge so as to understand your needs and see if we have a good fit. 

Call me at 610 469 7588 to have (or else schedule) this initial conversation. (Please leave a message if I don't pick up, since I often do not answer unknown caller ID's that are mostly sales pitches.  Often I can call right back however.  Or email me.)

What I Help With--Because the ancestral and/or personal traumas I resolve are most often the root causes, my work has been instrumental in clearing a wide range suffering.  Examples are:

  • Emotional or Physical or Combined Emotional/Physical Conditions
    • Such as anxieties, depression, phobias, compulsions, self-injury
    • with or without physical symptoms like pain, eating/weight/intestinal disorders, cancers, arthritis, neuropathies, etc.
    • or similar physical symptoms that don't seem to have emotional roots.

  • Layers of Personal and Ancestral or Past Life Trauma
    • That cause repeating patterns of failure or loss in health, relationships, or career. 
    • I am particularly good at this.  People come to me who have "tried everything."
    • I am a survivor of the vanished twin (also called "womb twin") experience, and work well with other such
    • People who "have tried everything" without success often find me a great help.

  • Problems with Spiritual or Psychic Aspects
    • Dark nights of the soul,
    • desires to end it all,
    • issues involving outside energies or forces

How I Do This--As part of a lifelong quest to both understand healing and get well myself, I have collected and integrated a very powerful toolkit (called "Family Energetics) that includes

  • Family and Systemic Constellations,
  • Energy Psychology processes like EFT,
  • 350 hours of training in Life Coaching,
  • Internal Family Systems Therapy,
  • Aspects of Gestalt and Solution Focused Therapy
  • 40 years of practice in Shamanic techniques

I also have broad familiarity with homeopathy, Bach remedies, Reiki, bodywork, and dietary regimes that allow me to bring other practitioners into the process when they can move things along faster.

Intake Session--Private work with me typically begins with a 60 minute (or slightly longer) session in which I survey

  • What it is you would like to heal or change for the better
  • What the current circumstances around this are
  • What past patterns in birth or ancestral families might be affecting this

I will then tell you:

  • what I think will best bring about the change you want,
  • and what it is that is likely blocking it. 

You can take this information and work with it yourself, or choose to work with me.

Costs, Place, and Timing--All of our meetings can be done locally (near Kimberton PA) in person, or else via phone, Skype, Zoom video, or CoachingSpaces.  I work with people in many time zones and countries, so I'm flexible around appointment times. 

  • For an intake session (or any one-time single session) the cost is regularly $130
  • I do not take insurance.

Multi-Session Packages--after an initial session, I offer groups of sessions that lower the single session cost.  The most frequent of these is the:

  • Initial Family Constellation--Includes the intake, a 2 hour constellation, half hour followup session, and 30 minutes preparation on my part--for 4 hours total. 
    • At the regular rate, the fee would be $520.  As a package at the beginning of our work, your cost is $400.
    • You can decide to commit to this either before or right after the initial session.
    • This is my most popular package.  There are most often significant changes after a constellation.  It saves you $100.

  • Groups of Sessions--Blocks of 6, 12, and 18 hours are available at reduced rates.  Each larger block reduces the hourly rate by $10 (6hrs@$120/hr, 12hrs@$110/hr, 18hrs@$100/hr).  Payment is by thirds in advance as hours are used up.  For detailed information email me or call 610 469 7588

  • Sliding Scale--I do some sliding scale work with people.  This depends on: (1) genuine financial need; (2) whether I think I can help; (3) your level of motivation to change; and (4) whether I can afford it at the time.  There may be a wait list even if it seems appropriate to make an arrangement.  Call me about this

  • Ongoing Support--I become engaged creatively with my clients and answer emails, respond to phone calls in emergencies, etc.


Training and/or Supervision

Helping and Healing Skills--I provide these to other alternative helper/healers singly or in groups in any or all of the following

  • Family and Systemic Constellations,
  • Energy Psychology processes like EFT,
  • Training in Life Coaching,
  • Internal Family Systems Therapy,
  • Aspects of Gestalt and Solution Focused Therapy
  • Training in Shamanic techniques

Practice Building Skills--I also aid alternative helper/healers to build their businesses singly or in guided mastermind groups.  This work is based on my book THE FAMILY CONSTELLATION PRACTICE BUILDER.  In writing it, I applied to our particular challenges all that I had learned from: 

  • A year in David Sandler's "President's Club" sales training
  • Becoming a licensed coach in Michael Port's "Book Yourself Solid" method
  • Participating in the "Quick Start" program after my training at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).
  • Going through the "Book Breakthrough NYC" workshop and mentoring processes

Online Video Trainings--I also have online video trainings in these which you can find under the "I Offer" item in the main menu above.  These include:

  • Family Energetics Core Concepts
  • Home Altar Constellations
  • Remote Constellation Skills
  • The Constellation Practice Builder

You can always call me for more information:  610 469 7588.  Or attend a Family Energetics Free Evening



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What People Say

“Your Family Constellation coaching opened me up in a way I could not have imagined. I recommend what you offer to those looking to make positive changes in their life—especially when they find that something is inexplicably holding them back.   —Barry Epstein, Washington, DC  (More Testimonials)